About Our Services

About Our Services

Access Plastic Cards specialises in printing plastic cards suitable for Identification and Recognition purposes, such as Photo Identification and Club Membership cards.

Our equipment is suitable for printing small to medium volumes of customised plastic cards.
The types of organisation we typically supply include hospitals & other medical practices, security guard firms, various corporations and small/medium clubs.

Our printer prints a single card at a time so it is not cost effective to print extremely large volumes of cards or to print blanks meant for later customisation.

Print Quality

We use a digital printer capable of 24 bit colour at 300 DPI
Printing at this resolution produces stunning photos and crisp graphics

Printing Volume

Our equipment is best suited for printing small to medium volumes of individually customised cards.

Card Specifications

We print on plastic cards the same size and thickness as a standard credit card.

  • Card dimensions: 86mm X 54mm
  • Card thickness 0.76 mm
Quotes and Enquiries

Please use this form as your initial point of contact for card printing quotes and enquiries

Card Setup and Design

There may be a setup fee to prepare your cards for printing.  This typically ranges from $10 to $50 depending on the card design features and complexity.

The setup fee may include:

  • Preparing your artwork for the card design
  • One or more printed sample proofs of your card design

Generally the setup fee is a once off fee to prepare your initial card design.  If you need a new card design or modifications to your existing card design then there may be another setup fee.

To fully understand your print requirements, we need to know what you want in your card design.
Some ways to describe your card design to us:

  • Use our quote request form (click here)
  • A description in an email or over the phone
  • Create a mock up design using a word processor or graphics software
  • Draw then fax or post your design ideas
  • Scan or take a photo of a similar card you might have
  • Use our design templates to create your design to actual size (click here)


Taking Identification Photos

Identification photos should be supplied electronically by you.

Photos should be uniquely named so they can be matched to the details supplied for the person
ie. firstName_lastName.jpg

Poor quality photos are likely to produce poor quality results.

A guide to taking Identification Photos can be found here.
Here you will see examples and information about taking identification photos

What You Need to Supply for Your Card Design

You can supply the artwork for the entire card or individual images that make up the card design.

Logos and graphics for your card design should be supplied electronically by you. In some cases we can use graphics from your website.
Often, your company logo is all we need to create your card design.

We may resize and enhance your artwork if needed, but won't create or extensively modify your artwork.

To help create your graphics at the correct size, we have example files available for download.
Design guides to aid in preparing your artwork for printing can be found here.
Files available include Photoshop files and JPG images at full size.

How to Send Photos and Customised Details

Personalised details to be printed on the card should be supplied electronically so we can cut & paste to minimise errors.

Personalised details and ID card photos should be sent by email to contactatAccessPlasticCards [dot] com [dot] au

ID photos should be named in a such a way so that it is easy to determine which photo is for which person, eg. name the photo the same as the persons name.

The preferred method for receiving details is in Excel spreadsheet format, however the details can also be sent as plani text in an email.

Name Position ID Expiry
Jane Doctor 1234567 30/06/2013
John Physiotherapist 2345678 30/06/2013

We can supply an example spreadsheet to use if required.

Ordering More Cards

Existing customers can order more cards simply by sending the new personalised details and photos by email.

Emails for new orders should be sent to contactatAccessPlasticCards [dot] com [dot] au

Modifying your card design

Modifications to your card may incur an extra setup fee based on the work involved - however trivial changes may be done at no charge.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment for initial orders is required in advance for new customers.

Billing terms for subsequent orders will vary depending on your ongoing card printing requirements.

Depending on the size and frequency of your order, you might be billed (at our discretion):

  • Per Order
  • In advance

 We may offer 14 day terms to approved repeat customers, however for large orders we may request a deposit or full payment up front.

Access Plastic Cards reserves the right to halt printing if there are outstanding payments owed.

Payment can be made by Direct Deposit or Cheque.

Direct deposit details:
Bank: Commonwealth
Account Name: Access Plastic Cards
BSB: 064102
Account #: 10317550
Cheques should be made payable to Access Plastic Cards.
Cheques must clear before printing can commence.