Taking ID Photos

Photo Identification Image Requirements

Identification Photos should be supplied by you at an appropriate size preferably in JPG format.

Ideally identification photos will be:

  • large enough to include sufficient detail to produce a good quality print
  • small enough to send efficiently by email
  • uniquely named in such a way that we can match the photo to the person (ie."firstname lastname.jpg")
Size of the subject in the photo
  • Diagram 1 shows the minumum size the subject should look in the photo when viewed on screen.
  • Ideally the subject should appear larger than the minimum. Diagram 2 shows the actual size needed to print a 3cm square image.

We will crop your images to the correct size

In most cases you can supply your photos as they were taken without modification.  We will then crop the photos to the correct size needed for your card.

If your camera produces large images then you might want to consider using a smaller photo size setting on your camera or resizing the images to a smaller size.

There is no benefit in sending large photos, smaller photos (like the example or larger) contain enough detail to produce the same quality print.


Basic tips for taking Identification Photos

  • Use a small photo size setting in your camera
  • Framing the shot
    • Take a front on Head and Shoulders shot
    • Do allow for extra space around the head and shoulders
    • Don't include more background than is necessary
  • Lighting
    • Use a flash
    • Ensure there is adequate lighting on the subjects face
  • The backdrop should be
    • non-distracting, eg. wall, door, curtain
    • similar for all photos
  • File Type
    • Images should be supplied in jpg format at the best quality option

Your photos can be sent by email.

Remember to name the photos uniquely with some way of matching the photo to the person.