Access Plastic Cards - Custom Plastic Card Printing Services

Access Plastic Cards prints plastic cards for a range of identification and membership purposes.

We specialise in printing plastic cards that are individually customised.

Cards can be personalised with employee or member details.   New cards can be ordered as you receive new employees and members.

Cards can also be printed as a batch of sequentially numbered cards to use for customer loyalty programs or bar tab cards. 

Photo Identification Cards

Each card is printed with the cardholders photo and other personalisation.

Typical uses: Staff ID, Security ID, Student Cards, Club Membership Cards, Qualification and Certification ID Cards


Club Membership, Loyalty Cards, Crowd Control and Bar Tab Cards

Cards are personalised with the cardholders details or have other customisation like Sequential Numbering or Barcodes

Typical uses: Club Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, Crowd Control ID, Bar Tab Cards, Access Cards